History of the Access Grid

Who Can Help
The Access Grid Toolkit is being developed using the Open Source Model. That means that anybody is able to participate in the development. In order to get involved join the mailing lists and grab the code. Then start working on it!

Old News
Old items that were announced on the front page of the project website are availabe for archive reasons. You can find them in the news archive.

Our Licensing Model
The Access Grid Toolkit license (text version) is a modified BSD-style license. This allows for any and all derived works to freely use the software or parts of it covered by the AGTk license in any way they see fit. It is designed to allow researchers to use the AGTk as a platform for further research and allow the natural technology transfer process to enable commercial organizations to develop products centered on the Access Grid. There are parts of the AGTk that are not covered by our license, in particular the parts we integrate from other projects. Please read the COPYING.txt and ReadMe files in the toolkit for further information.



For more information: [email protected]