The Access Grid Toolkit, which includes Virtual Venues software and Workspace Docking software, enables users to experience rich collaborations including people, data, and grid computing resources. The new version of the toolkit includes streamlined user interfaces, robust middleware and low-level services that enable participants to share experiences through digital media.

December 21, 2007: Access Grid 3.1 Release Available
This release includes new functionality, including the latest VIC (video) and RAT (audio) tools from the Sumover project, support for hierarchical venue data storage, improved bridging support, and certificate-based Venue access controls. Numerous bugs have also been fixed.

October 9, 2007: AG 3.1 beta2 Release Available
This beta release fixes numerous bugs found in the beta1 release.

June 29, 2007: AG 3.1 beta1 Release Available
This beta release includes improved bridging functionality, support for folders in the Venue data store, and (optional) certificate-based Venue access control, as well as numerous smaller features and bug fixes.

August 8, 2006: AG 3.0.2 Release Available
This release is mostly for maintenance and fixing bugs. Of note among bugs fixed are improvements to unicast bridge support and Shared Presentation fixes. More information is available on the AG3.0.2 release page

May 15, 2006: AG 3.0.1 Release Available
This release is mostly for maintenance, fixing bugs, and introducing support for Intel Macs. Of note among bugs fixed is switching from unicast back to multicast now works. More information is available on the AG3.0.1 release page

May 3, 2006: AG 3.0 Release Available
This major new release of the Access Grid software relies on Internet standard technologies to bring greater performance and robustness, as well as a number of new features. The testing tips published earlier (see below) will guide new users through the new features of AG3.

February 20, 2006: Testing tips for AG 3.0 beta available
These tips will introduce users to the new functionality available in the AG3 release, and provide a guide for testing the beta release.

February 16, 2006: AccessGrid Toolkit 3.0 beta2 available
This second beta release includes many fixes since the first beta. Install it if you're willing to test and report problems. The more testing we get now, the better the final release will be!

January 28, 2006: AccessGrid Toolkit 3.0 beta1 available
This beta release is the first look at AG3 functionality. This is not a final release, and so is not considered stable.

August 26, 2005: AccessGrid Toolkit 2.4 available
This release includes new functionality, collects components released since 2.3, and fixes many bugs. For more information, go to the 2.4 release page.

April 14, 2005: API reference available
Generated documentation of the Toolkit code is available online for developer reference.

February 21, 2005: Updated 2.3 package for Gentoo
The Gentoo package has been updated to use a version of Globus with which the venue server runs more robustly. 

February 7, 2005: Updated 2.3 package for MacOSX
The MacOSX release has been updated to include audio and video tools, which were not available in the Developer's Preview release.

February 7, 2005: VenueVNCServer released
The server-side component of the VenueVNC application is now available.

October 6, 2004: New Institutional Venue Server is available!
The new institutional venue server is available for general use.

September 17, 2004: An AG Jabber Server is available!
The cross platform chat solution that we're working on with LBL is available for users to get used to. This is also the chat that will be used as the operators back channel for SC Global.

September 10, 2004: Access Grid Toolkit 2.3 Available!
The Access Grid Toolkit 2.3 is available for download.

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